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I define function -> public.fnv_tle_alltodate(in timestamp,out text)
and set execute premissions for role nsat_users
pgmodeler generate next sql script:
ON FUNCTION public.fnv_tle_alltodate(timestamp,text)
TO ncsat_users;
this statement causes error when executed by psql
pgmodeler must generate:
ON FUNCTION public.fnv_tle_alltodate(in timestamp, out text)
TO ncsat_users;

And one more problem....
pgmodeler must insert this command into script before generate function section
set check_function_bodies to false;

because otherwise you must determine order how to create a function,views and tables, which is impossible in large projects


and one more ... default value of parameters not generated in sql script....

@rkhaotix rkhaotix added a commit that referenced this issue Mar 15, 2013
@rkhaotix rkhaotix Fixed IN/OUT keywords on functions signature (issue #163)
Major changes on SQL code generation/export. Introduced a token to
help export process to identify the end of each DDL command.

Minor improvements on role editing form.

Fixed a bug on ModelExportForm that was truncating commands wrongly.
PostgreSQL Database Modeler member

Hello @fte1965 ,

I think this problem is solved now!

Probably your model will not load anymore and you have to made some manual changes on the .dbm file.

if you have a function declared with some parameters which has attributes in="true" or out="true":

<function name="func_name"
        behavior-type="CALLED ON NULL INPUT"
        security-type="SECURITY INVOKER"
    <schema name="public"/>
    <comment>comment on function</comment>
    <language name="plpgsql"/>
    <type name="interval"/>
    <parameter name="p1" in="true">
        <type name="integer"/>
    <parameter name="p1" in="false" out="true">
        <type name="integer"/>
       <definition> ...

It's current signature (on dbm file) will be: public.func_name(integer,integer)

When loading your model file pgModeler will complain about the absence of the above function, this because the signature is not generated without IN/OUTs anymore and you will have to fix each objects that references the above function updating the reference tag from:

<function signature="public.func_name(integer,integer)"/>


<function signature="public.func_name(IN integer,OUT integer)"/>

NOTE: the IN/OUT keywords MUST be uppercase.

Let me know if something goes wrong!


all right.
I am delete tag in my .dbm file and recreate him from pgmodeler

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