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Home automation using mysensors and openHAB

pgo-sk edited this page Oct 15, 2014 · 4 revisions

Welcome to my mysensors openHAB home project wiki! tags: arduino, mysensors, openHAB, MQTT gateway

Current status (2014-10-14):

  • one arduino/ETHV2.0/NRF24L01+ node as MQTTGateway
  • one arduino/NRF24L01+/DS18B20/2-Relay sensor/actuator node
  • openHAB on Win PC / accesible through port forward from i-net

Main menu: Main menu

Switch node: Switch node

Graphs with temperature and switch states (0/1 = OFF/ON) with HABmin: Graphs

More photos: tbd

Fritzing / schematic: tbd


  • hardware: tbd
  • software: see repo/tbd
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