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# This file contains a table of known architecture strings, with
# things to map them to. `configure' will take the output of the
# autoconf cannon macros and look in here. This only deals with architecture
# (CPU) names.
# The left side is a regex for awk
i.86 i386
pentium i386
athlon i386
sparc sparc
sparc64 sparc
alpha.* alpha
m68k m68k
arm.* arm
ppc powerpc
powerpc powerpc
ppc64 powerpc64
powerpc64 powerpc64
mipsel mipsel
mipseb mips
mips mips
mips64el mips64el
mips64 mips64
sheb sheb
shel sh
sh sh
hppa.* hppa
ia64 ia64
s390 s390
s390x s390x
x86_64 x86_64
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