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HyperNotes is the cross of a notebook, encyclopaedia and timemap built for the internet age. Written in pure javascript (NodeJS, Express and Backbone).
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HyperNotes is the cross of a notebook, encyclopaedia and timemap built for the internet age.

Create notes about places, people, events and anything else string them together into 'threads' at the click of a button.

Automatically visualize temporally and spatially, search by any attribute, automatically import Wikipedia articles and much more ...

Demo site:


This is a nodejs web-app built using express.

For storage it uses ElasticSearch which should be running in http mode on port 9200.

Install nodejs (>=0.4,<0.5) and npm then checkout the code:

git clone

Then install the dependencies:

cd hypernotes
npm install .

Run Tests

Ensure nodeunit is installed globally. Run:

sudo npm install -g nodeunit

To run nodeunit, use:

nodeunit {test-file-or-folder}

So to execute all hypernotes tests:

cd hypernotes
nodeunit test

Note that for functional tests you will need the server running (in test mode):

NODE_ENV=test node app.js

To run javascript tests just open test/frontend/index.html in a browser.

Run Application

Start the application server:

node app.js

To view the site, open localhost:3000 in a browser.

Load Fixtures

To load some fixture data use the command line interface:

node cli.js fixtures
node cli.js load test/data/napoloen.js tester

Then visit:

http://localhost:3000/tester/default http://localhost:3000/tester/napoleon


First version was Microfacts / Weaving History <>

The Plan

This is now deprecated, see

  1. [DONE] Basic Thread UI - see #8
  2. [DONE] Model + API - Note, Thread, User - see #2
  3. [DONE] Wire UI up to API - see #3
  4. Fuller thread UI
  • [DONE] Note full view
  • Note editing (inline and full)
  • Thread editing
  1. [DONE] User Signup and Login - see #4 and #5
  2. [DONE] Create Thread - see #6
  3. Authorization and Permissions (basic)

Further ahead:

  1. Import from Weaving History (and deploy)
  2. Activity object in Domain Model (and use of it)
  3. Visualizations
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