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Checks only the model fields/fails with extra fields in the query set #8

atodorov opened this Issue · 0 comments

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I got this error:

chartit/" in _validate_field_lookup_term
  32.                          % (terms[0], ', '.join(model_fields)))

Exception Type: APIInputError at /..../
Exception Value: Field 'added' does not exist. Valid lookups are comment, id, key, metric, milestone, when_added.

The relevant code is:

metricsdata = DataPool(
        series= [{'options': { 'source': InternalTimedMetrics.objects.extra(select={'added': "DATE_FORMAT(when_added,'%Y-%m-%d')"}).filter(key=METRIC_APPS_ACTIVE) },
                'terms': [ 'metric', 'added']

#Step 2: Create the Chart object
cht = Chart(
        datasource = metricsdata,
        series_options =
              'type': 'line',
              'stacking': False},
              'added': ['metric']

I'm trying to workaround the fact that datetime is not supported for X axis by converting the values to string right in the DB layer but your sanity checks got me.

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