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To install the rgbaColorPicker simple include rgbacolorpicker.min.js after you've included jQuery (version 1.4.3 or greater). The script will automatically convert any inputs with the class ".rgbacolorpicker" into color pickers. This class can be changed by modify the "autorun" variable inside the script file. You can disable autorun by setting "autorun" to a blank".

After installation you can manually run the colorpicker by calling the function ".rgbacolorpicker()". This will convert whatever you select into a color picker, regardless of if it in an input or not. Note that if you choose to convert a non-input items your picker the color selection will not be savable. Additionally when manually calling the colorpicker you can pass the options to it with a standard object. Currently only the following variable is recognized:

  • stylesheet : false, 'path/to/stylesheet.css' - default: false
  • callback : 'callback function' - default: none
  • alpha : boolean - default: true
  • force_rgba : boolean, will force the output to always be RGBA - default: false

For example to mimic the original version of this script you would manually call it like this:


while mimicking the last version manually would simply be


Code is also up in on the jQuery plugins section here:


The script will output colors in the following order; Name, Hex, rgba.


Version History

  • Added force_rgba option
  • Note: Seems there are numbers little issues with this in newer versions of chrome (and probably other browsers too). I no longer am using this in anything in production, so unless someone is using or someone wants to take the reigns the issues will probably remain until I need to put it into production again.
  • Added licensing information.
  • New option alpha; limits the chooser to opaque colors, if set to false.
  • You can now type values into the editor (select text box, may need more styling)
  • The selected color will not automatically be highlighted (and highlight moved when you type a color in as well)
  • Autorun disabled, because it was more trouble than it was worth.
  • Updated stresstest and index files.
  • Picker now changes side to stay within widow.
  • Turned script into a proper jQuery plugin.
  • Consolidated single file and external stylesheet versions into one file.
  • Fixed CSS bug involving color display box.
  • Updated index.html and stresstest.html accordingly.
  • Made index.html more useful.
  • Fixed a bug in the new read me formatting
  • Clicking outside color selector box now closes it.
  • Opening selector box no longer reflows document.
  • Fixed a bug causing selection mode to be "stuck" when you moved the mouse out of a selector area.
  • Moved colorbase datauri image into stylesheet.
  • Created separate, all-in-on version of the script.
  • Included minified versions of the scripts.
  • Updated index.html and stresstest.html as needed.
  • Updated to include the new version of tinycolor.js.
  • Turned images into date URIs.
  • Renamed several files.
  • Convertered stress test into HTML.
  • Initial Release.

Additional Rescources


This plugin is Licensed under the GPL v2.0 ([][]).


Yet another jQuery color picker, but this one supports both HTML color names and (more importantly) alpha transparancy with rgba output.



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