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Extracts the overworld map data from a Zelda II rom.
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Zelda II: The Map Extractor

After Ganon was destroyed again impa told Link that a randomization spell was cast on the land of Hyrule. The sight of her land transformed caused Princess Zelda to fait and she will wake only with the power of triforce sealed in a palace in hyrule, the one that was just sealed back up. To re-break the seal, the crystals must placed in statues in 6 well guarded, but randomply placed, palaces. Link sets out again on his most random quest yet...


This script will extract the map data from The Advanture of Link rom and genereate an image map of the overworld. This can be used to more easily keep track of what you have done and where you need to go when playing a Zelda II randomziation.

Where can I use it?

You can fork a copy and play with it locally or use the version hosted on GitHub here: Zelda II: The Map Extractor

Additional Notes

The Death Mountain and Maze Island maps are stored twice, thats just the way the data is stored on the original rom. If you loading a map for a randomized version those maps can be different, so I display both. The sprites used are ripped from the original game (shameless plug for me NES ROM Sprite Puller). The data on how the maps are stored was found here:

You can load any NES ROM into this, but only Zelda 2 will generate anything of value (probably).

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