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  1. pgpainless pgpainless Public

    Simple to use OpenPGP API based on Bouncy Castle

    Java 137 23

  2. sop-java sop-java Public

    Stateless OpenPGP Protocol API and CLI for Java

    Java 10 1

  3. pgpainless-wot pgpainless-wot Public

    OpenPGP Web-of-Trust Implementation using PGPainless

    Kotlin 1

  4. wkd-java wkd-java Public

    Java Implementation of OpenPGP Certificate Discovery via Web Key Directory (WKD)

    Java 1

  5. vks-java vks-java Public

    Java API to communicate with Verifying Key Servers, such as

    Java 1

  6. cert-d-java cert-d-java Public

    Backend-agnostic implementation of the Shared PGP Certificate Directory specification

    Java 1


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