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SOP for Java

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The Stateless OpenPGP Protocol specification defines a generic stateless CLI for dealing with OpenPGP messages. Its goal is to provide a minimal, yet powerful API for the most common OpenPGP related operations.

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The repository contains the following modules:

  • sop-java defines a set of Java interfaces describing the Stateless OpenPGP Protocol.
  • sop-java-picocli contains a wrapper application that transforms the sop-java API into a command line application compatible with the SOP-CLI specification.
  • external-sop contains an API implementation that can be used to forward API calls to a SOP executable, allowing to delegate the implementation logic to an arbitrary SOP CLI implementation.

Known Implementations

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Project Description
pgpainless-sop Implementation of sop-java using PGPainless
external-sop Implementation of sop-java that allows binding to external SOP binaries such as sqop

Implementations in other languages

Project Language
sop-rs Rust
SOP for python Python