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Installs and configures ConnectWise ScreenConnect.
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Overview: ansible-role-screenconnect

This role will download and install the latest Linux version of ConnectWise ScreenConnect.

If this helps you out, consider throwing a few dollars in the beer bucket up top. Working install of ScreenConnect behind an Apache reverse proxy



How to use this role

  1. Via the included playbook as ansible-playbook local_playbook.yml -K
  2. As part of another playbook pgporada.screenconnect
  3. You will want to configure this behind a reverse proxy such as Apache, Nginx, or Caddy. An example reverse proxy file is included in examples/ and a working example can be found in the tests.

How to hack away at this role

Before submitting a PR, please create a test and run it through test-kitchen. You will need to have at least Ruby 2.x, probably through rbenv, and Bundler.

bundle update
bundle install
bundle exec kitchen create
bundle exec kitchen converge
bundle exec kitchen verify

Open your web browser and navigate to to complete the ScreenConnect setup

# Clean up after ourselves
bundle exec kitchen destroy

Theme Music

Derrick Morgan - The Conqueror

Copyright and Author Info

(C) Phil Porada 2019 -

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