speclj plugin which displays spec output in growl
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speclj-growl is a plugin for speclj that shows success and failure messages with Growl.


Go to System Preferences -> Growl -> Network and check the following boxes:

  • Listen for incoming notifications
  • Allow remote application registration (make sure password field is empty)

If you use leiningen, add the following to your project.clj under the :dev profile:

:dependencies [[speclj-growl "2.1.0"]]

As of version 2.1.0, speclj 2.7.x is required.


Add -f growl to lein spec to show output in growl. For example, this will start autotest with both terminal and growl output:

lein spec -a -f growl

This is short for:

lein spec -r vigilant -f documentation -f growl


Copyright (C) 2011 Paul Gross

Distributed under the The MIT License.