Convert a YNAB export to a Ledger journal
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Convert a YNAB (You Need a Budget) export to a Ledger journal.


First, export your data from YNAB:

  • Go to My Budget -> Export budget data
  • Download and unzip the archive

Next, run ynab_to_ledger.rb to convert the export to a Ledger file:

ruby ynab_to_ledger.rb My\ Budget\ as\ of\ 2016-10-02\ 1007\ PM\ -\ Register.csv

This will write out a ynab_ledger.dat journal.


Now that you've got a Ledger journal, you can use the Ledger command line to run reports. For example:

View a monthly register:

ledger register -f ynab_ledger.dat --monthly

You can filter the register down to just the category you care about:

ledger register -f ynab_ledger.dat --monthly Dining Out

And you can even see a running average of the amount:

ledger register -f ynab_ledger.dat --monthly --average Dining Out

Balances for a single month summed by category:

ledger balance -f ynab_ledger.dat --begin 2016-09-01 --end 2016-10-01 --depth 1

You can see more reports at


hledger (a port of Ledger) provides some reporting that Ledger does not. For example, you can view a monthly register rolled up by category:

hledger register -f ynab_ledger.dat --monthly --depth 1

Multicolumn balance report by month with averaging:

hledger balance -f ynab_ledger.dat --average --monthly --begin 2017-01-01 --end 2017-12-31