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Smart home - master thesis
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BonAmi - more than just smart home



BonAmi is a master thesis project. It is a model for smart home in a smart settlement. The thesis is aimed to project and release a prototype of an intelligent house, that would collaborate with other flats in a smart settlement. Main model's assumption is to increase habitants' security and alarm them when a fire or flood is detected.

Quick start for impatient

To deploy platform on Raspberry Pi download the repo and run ./ The Raspberry will restart.

After it's up and running again go to localhost:5000 to see the UI.

Default user: admin password: admin

Block 8080 port. Edit /etc/services and add line:

/sbin/iptables -A OUTPUT -p tcp --dport {PORT-NUMBER-HERE} -j DROP

at the end.

To enable e-mail notifications see How to enable email notifications


  • alarming when fire detected and "sound codes":
    • nearest sensor beeps continuously,
    • sensors in the same flat - periodically 5 sec. beep, 2 sec. silence,
    • other sensors in the settlement - periodically 1 sec. beep, 1 sec silence,
    • platform sends emails to all habitants with the exact location of a fire.
  • alarming when flood detected and "sound codes":
    • flat in which flood was detected - periodically 0.25 sec. beep, 0.25 sec. silence,
    • other flats - periodically 0.25 sec. beep, 0.75 sec. silence,
    • platform sends emails to all habitants with the exact location of a fire.
  • additionally, you can connect any input-output 1-0 device to ESP8266's pins for example light switches,
  • every habitant has his own account in the system
  • habitants can turn on and off devices in their flats.


BonAmi architecture

This platform has 4 basic logic elements:

Frontend uses manager's REST API to communicate with it.

Communication between sensors and manager uses MQTT and Mosquitto broker. 4 topics are used:

  • input - sensor sends messages to manager. Format: <pin number>,<sensor number>,<pin state>, for example: 2,39,0
  • output - manager sends requests to change pin state. Format as above,
  • setup - just after connection, sensor sends information about its pins. Format: <sensor number>|<pin nr>,<name>,<interval>,<is acrive>,<pin type>,<is alarm pin>|<pin nr>,<name>...
  • alarm - information about alarm. Format: <sensor number>,<flat number>,<alarm type>, where alarm type is 1 for fire, 2 for flood.

Mysql schema

All Database documentation is linked here.

Manual tests

For now, only manual tests in Polish were prepared. Scenarios are listed here.

Room for improvement

  • more documentation,
  • more security,
  • digital thermometer and other digital devices handling,
  • RFID tags handling,
  • flat maps and visualization,
  • user's rules
  • system/devices states (f.e. alarm armed/disarmed)
  • automatic tests
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