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Erroneous cycle detection #33

squamos opened this Issue Oct 23, 2012 · 5 comments

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squamos commented Oct 23, 2012

This is not a circular reference, its merely a multiple reference

> var mp = require('msgpack');
> d = new Date
Tue Oct 23 2012 16:30:04 GMT-0700 (PDT)
> mp.pack({a:d, b:d});
TypeError: Cowardly refusing to pack object with circular reference
    at repl:1:4
    at REPLServer.self.eval (repl.js:111:21)
    at rli.on.e (repl.js:260:20)
    at REPLServer.self.eval (repl.js:118:5)
    at Interface.<anonymous> (repl.js:250:12)
    at Interface.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:88:17)
    at Interface._onLine (readline.js:199:10)
    at Interface._line (readline.js:517:8)
    at Interface._ttyWrite (readline.js:735:14)
    at ReadStream.onkeypress (readline.js:98:10)

I may have run into something like this when using the module, we should look deeper to see what needs to be fixed. Indeed the code above should not throw an error IMHO.

squamos commented Oct 24, 2012

Its a flaw in the cycle checking code. Its simply checking if its seen the object before, regardless of whether that object is parent or not

squamos commented Oct 24, 2012

Any chance we can bump the version number and publish to npm?


tagged an published, let me know if you have problems.

squamos commented Oct 24, 2012

Thanks Chris!

@squamos squamos closed this Oct 24, 2012
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