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Proper handling of uint64 #18

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You get it out as a Number, which isn't as large as a uint64, but it's much larger than the current implementation. So it still fails for very large numbers...but it won't fail on say 2^34 like it currently does. I'd have to read the JS specs again to see what the limit's much closer to 2^64 than not.


Well, JS just uses double procession floats, right? There is no integer type, as far as I know. So you can get pretty close to 2^64, but you lose precision at the higher ranges.

Math.pow(2, 60) == Math.pow(2, 60)-1;

This yields true.


This pull request is super old, and will not merge cleanly. Also, since javascript does uint64 completely wrong, it might be best to build in a bigint style dependency and have msgpack use that. Getting "close" to uint64 just isn't good enough. Perhaps integrating this is the solution:

@godsflaw godsflaw closed this Jun 14, 2013
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