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A space-efficient object serialization library for NodeJS
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node-msgpack is an addon for node.js that provides an API for serializing and de-serializing JavaScript objects using the MessagePack library. The results of this serialization are extremely space-efficient compared to JSON.

Building and installation

Installation is a manual process: use make to build the add-on, then manually copy it to wherever your node.js installation will look for it (or add the build directory to your $NODE_PATH).

% ls
LICENSE  Makefile  deps/  src/  tags  test.js
% make

The MessagePack library on which this depends is packaged with node-msgpack and will be built as part of this process.

Note: MessagePack may fail to build if you do not have a modern version of gcc in your $PATH. On Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.5.x), you may have to use gcc-4.2, which should come with your box but is not used by default.

% make CC=gcc-4.2 CXX=gcc-4.2
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