RATP Bus Schedules for LaMetric
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RATP Bus Schedules for LaMetric

LaMetric Bus Ratp Index

2017-06-16 - Important update

Parameters data have changed, due to the takedown of the old middleware. You must reconfigure your app and follow the instructions bellow. Sorry for inconvenience.

How it works ?

First, launch your LaMetric app, install our app "RATP Bus Schedules".

LaMetric Bus Ratp App

Then, find the line, the ID Destination and ID Station from the API RATP or see our example below.

####Example :

If you want to get the schedules of the next bus to Chateau de Vincennes at the station Michel Bizot, on the line 46.

    "result": {
        "destinations": [
                "name": "Chateau de Vincennes",
                "way": "A"
                "name": "Gare du Nord",
                "way": "R"
    "_metadata": {
        "call": "GET /destinations/bus/46",
        "date": "2017-06-16T02:31:26+02:00",
        "version": 3
  • Find the way of the desired destination (A for Chateau de Vincennes) and set it on the configuration panel.

  • Set the name of the station (michel bizot for Michel Bizot).

  • Wait a few seconds and you will see :

LaMetric Ratp Destination LaMetric Ratp Schedule


If you need help, create an issue or contact us on Twitter