This project turnkey is distributed as a middleware to expose RATP realtime data as REST resources
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This project turnkey is distributed as a middleware to expose RATP data as REST resources. You can retrieve real time schedules for any given RER (train), Metro, Tramway, Bus or Noctilien stop in real time.

This project uses the package horaires-ratp-sdk which consume the official RATP API.


This README file is also available in french.


  • Access to the RATP API (see here)
  • PHP >= 5.6
  • Package php-soap (ext-soap extension)
  • Redis server (for cache)


First :

git clone
cd ratp-api-rest
composer install --no-dev

Then configure your favorite webserver with web/app.php as entrypoint. More informations here

Recommendation for production : remove app_dev.php file from the web folder.


  • Enable / disable cache usage

Known bugs

  • 2017-02-27 : Tramways schedules don't work. I contacted RATP about it and I still waiting for a reply and/or a fix.
  • 2017-11-27 : Realtime schedules for RER C, D et E are not available.
  • 2018-03-29 : Realtime schedules for buses which are not equiped with SIEL (realtime bus localization) are not available.

Feedback or questions

You can create an issue if needed or contact me on Twitter.


Demo is available here :


Pull requests are appreciated. Everyone is welcome and even encouraged to contribute with their own improvements.


This project is not affiliated with or endorsed by the RATP.


Licensed under the terms of the MIT License.