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GridDB Foreign Data Wrapper for PostgreSQL

This PostgreSQL extension is a Foreign Data Wrapper (FDW) for GridDB.
This version of griddb_fdw can work for PostgreSQL 9.6, 10, 11, 12 and 13. It is confirmed in GridDB 4.5.

1. Installation

griddb_fdw requires GridDB's C client library. This library can be downloaded from the GridDB website on github1.

  1. Preapre GridDB's C client Download GridDB's C client and unpack it into griddb_fdw directory as griddb.
    Build GridDB's C client
    -> gridstore.h should be in griddb_fdw/griddb/client/c/include.
    -> should be in griddb/bin.

  2. Build and install griddb_fdw Change into the griddb_fdw source directory.

$ make
$ make install

If you want to build griddb_fdw in a source tree of PostgreSQL, use

$ make NO_PGXS=1

2. Usage

load extension


create server object

CREATE SERVER griddb_svr FOREIGN DATA WRAPPER griddb_fdw OPTIONS(host '',  
port '31999', clustername 'ktymCluster', database 'public');

We have to specify the following parameters for a GridDB foreign server:

host : GridDB notification addres.
port : GridDB notification port
clustername : GridDB cluster name
database : GridDB database name (can be skipped if you want to connect public database)

If you want to use fixed list mode instead of multicast mode, you have to specify notification_member instead of host and port:

CREATE SERVER griddb_svr FOREIGN DATA WRAPPER griddb_fdw OPTIONS(notification_member '',
clustername 'griddbfdwTestCluster');

create user mapping

CREATE USER MAPPING FOR public SERVER griddb_svr OPTIONS(username 'admin', password 'testadmin');

We have to specify the following parameters for a user mapping:
username : GridDB username
password : GridDB password

import schema

IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA griddb_schema FROM SERVER griddb_svr INTO public;

We can use the following parameters for import schema:
recreate : 'true' or 'false'. If 'true', table schema will be updated.

After schema is imported, we can access tables. To use CREATE FOREIGN TABLE is not recommended.

update and delete

The container must have rowkey on GridDB in order to execute update and delete query.

3. Features

  • Supprt SELECT and INSERT

For SELECT, you can enable partial execution mode as follows:

SET griddbfdw.enable_partial_execution TO TRUE;
  • Supprt UPDATE and DELETE
  • WHERE clauses are push downed

4. Limitations

Record is updated by INSERT command if a record with same rowkey as new record exists in GridDB.

In this case, griddb_fdw raises the warning.

INSERT INTO ft1 VALUES(100, 'BBB'); -- Same as "UPDATE ft1 SET b = 'BBB' WHERE a = 100;"

Limitations related in rowkey-column attribute.

GridDB can set a rowkey attribute to the 1st column. griddb_fdw uses it for identifying a record.

  • It is required that a container have the rowkey attribute for executing UPDATE or DELETE.
  • It is not supported to update a rowkey-column.

Don't support SAVEPOINT.

Savepoint does not work. Warning is returned.

Don't support the query execution which is satisfied with all of follwoing conditions:

  • It requres to get record locks in a transaction.
  • Records are locked by the other foreign table which links the same container in GridDB.

If such query is executed, it is no response.

Foreign table ft1 and ft2 are linked to same container in GridDB.

SELECT * FROM ft2 FOR UPDATE; -- No response


SELECT * FROM ft1, ft2 WHERE ft1.a = ft2.a FOR UPDATE; -- No response

This is because GridDB manages a transaction by container unit and griddb_fdw creates GSContainer instances for each foreign tables even if the container is same in GridDB.

Don't support an arbitrary column mapping.

griddb_fdw is assumed that a column structure on PostgreSQL is same as that of griddb. It is recommended to create a schema on PostgreSQL by IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA. griddb_fdw might return an error when DML is executed.

For example, container on GridDB has 3 columns. The 1st column is "c1" as integer, the 2nd is "c2" as float, and the 3rd is "c3" as text.
Schema must be created as

CREATE FOREIGN TABLE ft1 (c1 integer, c2 float, c3 text) SERVER griddb_svr;

You should not execute following queries.

Types are not match.

CREATE FOREIGN TABLE ft1 (c1 text, c2 float, c3 integer) SERVER griddb_svr;

There is unknown column. Even if unknown column is dropped, griddb cannot access ft1 correctly.

CREATE FOREIGN TABLE ft1 (c0 integer, c1 integer, c2 float, c3 text) SERVER griddb_svr;

Don't support ON CONFLICT.

PostgreSQL has upsert (update or insert) feature. When inserting a new row into the table, PostgreSQL will update the row if it already exists, otherwise, PostgreSQL inserts the new row. However, griddb_fdw does not support the upsert feature now. For example, it shows an error message if user executes the following query.


Don't support RETURNING.

Returning is way to obtain data if rows are modified by INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE commands. griddb_fdw does not support this feature.

INSERT INTO ft1 (c0, c1) VALUES (1, 2) RETURNING c0, c1;

5. License

Copyright (c) 2017-2020, TOSHIBA Corporation
Copyright (c) 2011-2016, EnterpriseDB Corporation

Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and its documentation for any purpose, without fee, and without a written agreement is hereby granted, provided that the above copyright notice and this paragraph and the following two paragraphs appear in all copies.

See the LICENSE file for full details.


GridDB Foreign Data Wrapper for PostgreSQL




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