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Scoped events.

Because events are scoped to the emitting object...except when they are not (for instance, on remote events coming through a remote stream, it's useful to have them name-spaced).

With this you can create a box on top of an event emitter (call it rooms or channels if you will) and emit scoped to that box name.

You can have multiple nested boxes.

A box supports the event emitter API plus wildcard events(opt-in).


$ npm install boxed-emitter


var boxedEmitter = require('boxed-emitter');

Create a boxed emitter

var emitter = boxedEmitter();

Wrap an existing event emitter

var EE = require('events').EventEmitter;
var ee = new EE();
var emitter = boxedEmitter(ee);

You can create an event box

and give it a name:

var box ='box-name');

And use that event box to emit scoped events:

// the following emits box-name::event

box.emit('event', 'arg1', 'arg2');  

// which you can listen to
box.on('event', function(a, b) {
  assert.equal(a, 'arg1');
  assert.equal(b, 'arg2');

You can create a smaller box inside a box:

var emitter = boxedEmitter();
var bigBox ='bigbox');
var smallBox ='smallbox');

bigBox.on('smallbox::event', function(a, b, c) {
  t.equal(a, 'abc');
  t.equal(b, 'def');
  t.equal(c, undefined);

smallBox.emit('event', 'abc', 'def');

You can listen to wildcard events:

// first you have to enable wildcards for this:

box.on('*', function(eventType, eventArgs) {
  assert.equal(eventType, 'event');
  assert.deepEqual(eventArgs, ['abc', 'def']);

box.emit('event', 'abc', 'def');

And, as a regular event emitter:

You can also remove listeners:, listener);
box.removeListener(eventType, listener);

And remove all listeners: