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What is styled_objects?

styled_objects is a Rails plugin for simplifying stylesheet management on your application.

Instead of having one or more large stylesheets on your public folder, have many. Keep your CSS close to their respective templates. styled_objects will compile them into one file per page.

Why do I need styled_objects?

Because It’s hard to keep order on your application. Having one or many big stylesheet files is not easy. It’s hard do build, maintain and debug.

Do object-oriented stylesheets. Each presentation object has its own style definitions. With styled_objects everything is where expected.

You also make your stylesheets independent from each other, making it easier to find problems and extend your app.

» Check out this presentation for a full pitch on OOCSS (Object-Oriented CSS).

styled_objects is easy

Just keep the stylesheet of a template or partial on the same directory, using the same name (plus a .css extension). styled_objects will compile automatically them.

» See Installing

» See Getting Started