An Ext JS 4 MP3 player
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See 'src/js/Player.js' for documentation

todo list:

- add some more docs and examples
- can't drag window in demo page if you click on TrackInfo panel in IE while playing.  Re-rendering the template removes the element, wiping out the event handlers
- allow player to be initialized on Ext.onReady instead of soundManager.onready
- detect if flash is not installed and show download link
- implement floating vs inline playlist.
- test player both as a child component in a larger Ext layout, and rendered directly to the dom.
- fix button bug - in Firefox play/pause/next/prev buttons remain focused after clicking them.
    If you press space or enter on a focused button it has the same effect as clicking the button.
- if root or files param not provided, then run player in "local" mode - prompt user to load files from filesystem
- implement "delete from playlist" functionality
- add some events to the player in case someone wants to use it in a larger application.
- create a custom build that only includes the neccessary Ext JS javascipt and css resources
- gracefully handle mp3 urls that return 404
- "widgetize" the player component
- IE6 compatibility - png transparency