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LuaLaTeX package for hyphenation checking
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It is mentioned in the README and in the pdf documentation.

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What it does

It lists all hyphenated words in the log file as well as in the file with the extension .uhy

How to use

A typical workflow is:

  • run final document
  • put the correctly hyphenated words into a text file (format: each word separated with space or on a single line, only whitespace matters as a separator)
  • add that file to the whitelist (as given above)
  • optionally use the option mark to make the unknown hyphenated words visible in the PDF file

Copyright 2012–2014 Patrick Gundlach (
Package version: see Makefile
Public repository:
Licensed under the MIT license. See the file 'mit-license.txt' for exact terms.
Status: works fine, slightly unmaintained.

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