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The second innovation project in EPITECH. 🆕 🎉.

This project was made in NodeJS and combined with a Raspberry PI3 with <3 by Hugo WALTER, Kévin FERCHAUD, Clément DA-PURIFICACAO and Maxime BOURMAUD

What is it?

EPILIGHT is a system able to connect to the EPITECH Intranet and display a light whether a room is free or taken in the 2 stages in EPITECH NANTES.

Current features:

  • Auto rebooting of the raspberry.
  • Auto call to the EPITECH API and GET a Json at every hours with crontab -e.
  • Auto refresh every 5 minutes whether the Intranet is down.

Colours of the light:

  • #1589F0 : The room will be occupied in 30 minutes.
  • #f03c15 : The room is occupied. (An activity is currently in this room).
  • #c5f015 : The room is free.


  • Last version of NodeJS.
  • Libraries

Build Setup

Just about everything you need is setup for you.

  • Import the project into the Raspberry and unzip it.
  • Set an internet connection to IONIS or plug it in ethernet.
  • Copy in the root of your raspberry and add this line in the .bashrc "./" and please make that a terminal launch automatically after a reboot (on a RPI3 , add @lxterminal in the auto-start file)
  • Get your autolog at this adress ( and replace the token in "YOUR_AUTOLOG_HERE" var in json/index.js. All the job will be done for you !

In case of index.js in the light repository doesn't work after a successful reboot :

  • Launch at the root of the EpiLight repository
  • Please go in the Light repository and launch this command: "sudo node index.js" and let the script run.

In case of crontab failed :

  • Set this line after doing a crontab -e -> 0 * * * * "$(command -v bash)" -c 'cd /home/pi/EpiLight && sudo ./'


Inside the repository, you can find some files : The JSON folder will contain:

  • Call to the Epitech API

The Light folder will contain:

  • Each connection associed to the light and the room.


This project is the property of EPITECH.

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