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This version of Einstein features emulation for an NE2000
networking PCMCIA card. There are still a lot of missing
features and bugs, but for testing, you can do this:
- compile and run this version of Einstein
- in preferences, set the Network Driver to "User Mode"
- launch the emulation
- install all ethernet related packages from NIE 2.0
- install "./Drivers/NE2000Driver/NE2K.pkg"
- install "Courier" and its libraries
- "insert" the NE2000 card by choosing "Platform->Insert NE2000 Card"
from the Einstein Menu
- the "PCMCIA Ethernet" dialog should appear, close it
- in "Extras", open "Internet Setup"
- click "New -> Generic Setup"
- configure manually and set the local IP to the IP of the host
- set the Mask, Gateway, and DNS (no DHCP yet!)
- close the dialog
- run Courier
- click the single arrow [->o]
- enter "" as a destination (some random minimal web site)
- in the connection dialog, choose your internet setup, then choose
"PCMCIA Ethernet" as your Card, and tap on "Connect"
- after 10 to 20 seconds, Mr. Borg will give you the disappointing
information that he is no fan of Captain Kirk.
Please let me know if your connection works. I'll be happy to hear
from you. Email einstein at matthiasm dot com.