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Initial commit of the Einstein source code.

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pguyot committed Jul 6, 2007
0 parents commit eb70af1f57b65c7dcf0b073573abfed7951c5861
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* Einstein 2007 (2007/7/9)
- New version of the emulator module, which uses less RAM and is PC-agnostic.
- Fixed the emulation of several instructions (and wrote regression tests).
- Compilation for Nokia OS 2006.
- Now open source!

* Einstein 2006.6 (2006/5/31)
- Initial release of Relativity for Einstein.
- Accelerated some transfers between Einstein and Host.
- Included several keyboard mappings.
- Update of PortAudio (from CVS).
- Included a new set of icons by Michael Vacík. The toolbar icons reflect the state of Einstein.
- Fixed an endianess problem with the Cocoa screen manager on Intel machines.
- The state is now shown on the screen (instead of just: screen is off).
- Improved the Cocoa preferences panel.
- Included AppleScript support to evaluate newton script code and to install packages.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed a bad bug in the memory emulation that caused crashes, especially with the JIT page cache.
- Fixed a bug yielding to an abort when the platform was quitted.
- Fixed a bug with CoreAudio sound on Intel machine.
- PortAudio sound driver now reverts samples an little endian targets.
- The tablet region was incorrectly limited to 1023x1023. It's now set to NewtonOS size (2047x2047).
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