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Dumping The Rom

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Dumping a ROM from a Newton device you own.

Two methods are available: via a serial line or via TCP/IP (i.e. via an Ethernet access).

Hammer/Newtsbug (serial line)

Using a low-level debugger such as Hammer or Newtsbug, you can make a dump of the memory. This is slow and works over the serial line.


  • A computer running a Mac OS version less than OS X, or the Classic environment
  • Hammer or Newtsbug (they can be found on UNNA,
  • A serial connection between your Newton and the Mac: – a built-in serial port for computers booting in Mac OS versions less than OS X – or a USB to Serial port adapter compatible with Classic.


  • Install Debugger Connection or Newtsbug Connection package on your Newton.
  • Plug the Newton with the Mac using the serial line.
  • Run Hammer or Newtsbug on the Mac.

A standard open file dialog appears: choose the debugging image corresponding to your Newton (Senior CirrusNoDebug image, Senior DCirrusNoDebug image or Newt KNoDebug image for the MP2x00 US, MP2100 or eMate 300 respectively). 

  • Tap the Debugger Connection or Newtsbug Connection package on your Newton and choose connect.
  • On the Mac, once the connection is established, choose Save Memory from the File menu.
  • Save memory between 0 and 00800000 (8 MB).
  • Wait.

ROM Dumper (TCP/IP)

ROM Dumper is a faster approach but requires an internet connection between your Mac (or any Unix computer) and your Newton.


  • A working TCP/IP or Internet connection between your Newton and your Mac.


  • Install provided ROM Dumper package on your Newton.
  • Tap the ROM Dumper icon in the Extras Drawer.
  • Tap start.
  • If your Newton isn’t connected to the Internet yet, choose a connection method. It’s also the time to insert your Ethernet/WiFi card.
  • Note the IP of the Newton (ROM Dumper mentions it).

ROM Dumper listening

  • Launch Einstein Platform (the GUI version).
  • Choose Dump ROM from the Einstein menu.

Dump ROM Menu Item

  • Type the IP address of your Newton.

Dump ROM Panel

  • Click start.
  • Specify where to save the Newton ROM. Be careful not to erase previously dumped ROM file if you are dumping the ROM of several different Newton models.
  • Wait (a little bit).

The platform will be configured to use the newly dumped ROM.

Alternatively, you can use nc(1) command line tool.