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PGXN, the PostgreSQL Extention network, is a central distribution system for open-source PostgreSQL extension libraries. It consists of four parts:

  • A network of mirrors for the geographic distribution of extension packages. The master mirror is here.

  • PGXN Manager is a web application via which users can upload packages for distribution on the network (source).

  • PGXN API is a web application that syncs itself to a PGXN mirror and provides a RESTFUL interface for use by PGXN clients (source).

  • PGXN is the main web site for the network, and client to the API. It includes pages describing all the contents of the network, including all released distributions and their documentation, and is fully searchable. It is currently under heavy development (source).

  • A command-line client for installing packages distributed via the network. Development of this piecs has not yet begun.

Project Status

PGXN is now in production. As such, this repository is longer worked on, but this page remains as a pointer to all of the sub-projects that encompass the whole of PGXN.

Who’s Doing This?

I am. I’m David Wheeler, inveterate Perl and PostgreSQL hacker. I love the extensibility of PostgreSQL and have long been a fan of CPAN, the Perl community’s distributed collection of Perl software and documentation. But PostgreSQL’s extensibility is not well-known, and it’s difficult to find the extensions that do exist. I’d like to solve that problem. Care to help?


PostgreSQL Extension Network



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