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Revision history for Perl extension PGXN-API-Searcher.

0.6.2 2011-03-29T01:13:48
      - Updated for "doc" changes in PGXN::API v0.6.6:
        + The "path" key in doc results has been renamed "doc".
        + The "doc" key has been added to extension results.

0.6.1 2011-03-28T03:07:13
      - The index to query is no longer specified as the first argument to
        `search()`, but via the new `index` parameter.
      - The `index` paraemter defaults to "doc" if it's not specified.
      - Pass parameters to `search()` as a list rather than a hash reference.
      - Add `index` key to the returned hash.

0.6.0 2011-03-26T03:14:12
      - Initial version.
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