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Revision history for Perl extension PGXN-API-Searcher.
0.8.0 2011-04-02T20:32:02
- Switched to Search::Query::Parser for query parsing. There is a lot
more syntax with this parser, including `field=` or `field:` queries,
as well as wild cards.
- A searcher object is now created for every call to `search()`, rather
than just once in `new()`. Parsers are cached from `new()` on,
however. This means that consumers can keep a PGXN::API::Searcher
object persistent in memory without worrying about index invalidation.
- The API document root path passed to `new()` is now retained and
accessible via thew `doc_root()` accessor.
0.7.0 2011-03-31T20:55:51
- Augmented the docs a bit.
- Updated for new index names in PGXN::API v0.7.0.
- Changed the index parameter name from `index` to `in`. And of course
they're now all required to be plural.
- Removed the `index` key from the results.
0.6.2 2011-03-29T01:13:48
- Updated for "doc" changes in PGXN::API v0.6.6:
+ The "path" key in doc results has been renamed "doc".
+ The "doc" key has been added to extension results.
0.6.1 2011-03-28T03:07:13
- The index to query is no longer specified as the first argument to
`search()`, but via the new `index` parameter.
- The `index` paraemter defaults to "doc" if it's not specified.
- Pass parameters to `search()` as a list rather than a hash reference.
- Add `index` key to the returned hash.
0.6.0 2011-03-26T03:14:12
- Initial version.
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