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@theory theory PGXN names are case-insensitive, so `toLowerCase()`. bb99c4c
@theory theory Typo. 4d9d4a5
@theory theory Improve JSON example. 4a7c377
@theory theory s{jsonp}{callback}g 416ccc4
@theory theory Document JSONP. 365a7f2
@theory theory Example using `field:` syntax. 33c3b67
@theory theory Document newly-indexed fields. 4afed0b
@theory theory Document the `jsonp` parameter t search. 835f01a
@theory theory Identify code blocks for syntax highlighting. 64f7344
@theory theory Bit more info. 2fd7e3c
@theory theory Fix issues link. bd680ca
@theory theory Switch back to `{letter}`. Broken in 537406b8f4be84d994327d8809e7142dd90fa62e. 34e42cd
@theory theory Merge branch 'master' of de03750
@theory theory Add missing Perl examples. Also need full URLs in all Perl requests, not just the relative URIs returned from templates. eb6f93c
@rectang rectang Add a comma. 3d48c99
@dvarrazzo dvarrazzo Added link to a more sane Python library 2ee30c5
@dvarrazzo dvarrazzo Api index updated to current status (e.g. download extension is zip) 537406b
@theory theory Missing comma. aba3a87
@theory theory Write intro; fix typo. a27b4df
@theory theory Reorganize basics. Move definitions, date types, status codes, and headers information from the home page to their own pages. Then link to them in the sidebar. d729e3e
@theory theory Document userlist API. fd04862
@theory theory Document `source` API. 9415ef7
@theory theory Complete search API docs. 231cd65
@theory theory Remove superfluous "Params" item. It is used in only a single API, search, and I wanted a table for them, so just remove from the other docs. 23cf8b1
@theory theory Start search API documentation. Will finish tomorrow. e2072fd
@theory theory s/{char}/{letter}/ Will be deployed tomorrow, but wanted to document it before I forgot. 86beb52
@theory theory Document which servers provide each API. 4b328bb
@theory theory Department of Sanitation. 212fcbc
@theory theory Started `htmldoc` API documentation. a9fa571
@theory theory s{pgz}{zip}g ba6b1a2
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