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Some of the terms used in the documentation. If you notice any others and don't know what they mean, please file a ticket.

Mirror: A PGXN mirror server. There may be any number of mirrors, each one providing HTTP access to the network contents, which are rsynced from the master mirror. Each mirror provides a lightweight REST API, which is documented in this wiki.

Master Mirror: The root mirror of the network, its contents are managed by an instance of PGXN Manager. Some details on how PGXN Manager works have been written up in this blog post. For the purposes of this documentation, it will be assumed that all mirror servers provide the same API. The master mirror therefore will not be mentioned again.

API Server: As PGXN mirror that provides a superset of the mirror API, and is powered by PGXN::API, the code managed in this GitHub repository. This wiki documents the API it provides.

PGXN Site: A simple Web server that displays the contents of the a PGXN network by accesing an API Server and presenting them in a web browser. The canonical PGXN site is pgxn.org.

Index: The root index.json file on mirror and PGXN API servers. This document contains a JSON object listing all of the APIs available on the server.

PGXN Client: Software that connects to and communicates with a PGXN mirror or API Server. The canonical example is WWW::PGXN, a Perl module providing transparent access to that API.