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Revision history for Perl extension PGXN-Meta-Validator.
- Added copyright notice to the module.
0.16.0 2013-06-05T06:39:03Z
- Updated GitHub URLs to point to `/pgxn/` rather than `/theory/`.
- Now require SemVer 0.5.0, so that versions must adhere to the semantic
version 1.0.0 requirement that the prerelease version, if present,
begin with a dash.
- Removed the Pod tests from the distribution.
0.15.0 2011-11-28T04:30:09Z
- Added `version_string` class method and made use of it in the
`validate_pgxn_meta` script.
- The command-line app now defaults to a file named `META.json` in the
current directory if no file name is passed.
- Fixed installation in the `pgxn` client libexec directory so that it
first creates the directory if it does not exist. This is to adjust to
a change in `pgxn` 1.0, which does not create the directory by default.
0.14.0 2011-08-31T03:44:57Z
- Added tests to protect against autovivication of keys.
- Rewrote all error messages to be more consistent and informative.
- Removed unused `header()` method.
- Added support for running under
[pgxn]( as `pgxn
validate-meta META.json`.
0.13.0 2011-05-26T03:52:07
- Fixed invalid Unicode character class.
0.12.0 2011-05-26T03:30:43
- Added "conflicts" relationship to prereqs.
- Documented `validate_pgxn_meta` options.
0.11.0 2011-05-25T06:01:14
- Added `validate_pgxn_meta`.
0.10.0 2011-05-25T05:33:38
- Initial public release on CPAN.