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Revision history for Perl extension PGXN::Site
0.4.0 2011-04-11T23:41:16
- Updated tag cloud and recent releases code to rely on the new files
generated by PGXN::Manager 0.11.0.
- Added the version to the footer.
- Added summary stats to the About page.
0.3.0 2011-04-07T18:19:55
- Renamed "backers" to "donors".
0.2.0 2011-04-07T18:02:50
- Fixed some URIs so that they no longer reveal private URLs from behind
a proxy server. That is, all local URLs should be relative to the
document root, and not contain the scheme or host name.
- Added Gravatar to user page.
- Added `reverse_proxy` option, so that the default gravatar URL will
work properly for proxied servers.
- Added tag cloud to the home page.
- Added page with list of recent releases.
0.1.0 2011-04-03T20:24:35
- Initial version.
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