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PGXN, the PostgreSQL Extention network, is a central distribution system for open-source PostgreSQL extension libraries. In its first iteration it will consist of four basic parts:

  • distribution upload server for extension developers.
  • centralized, distributable index of distribution metadata.
  • website for searching extensions and perusing their documentation.
  • command-line client for downloading, testing, and installing extensions.

Project Status

The network is up and running! Use PGXN Manager to upload distributions to the network. The search site is currently in development.

Who’s Doing This?

I am. I’m David Wheeler, inveterate Perl and PostgreSQL hacker. I love the extensibility of PostgreSQL and have long been a fan of CPAN, the Perl community’s distributed collection of Perl software and documentation. But PostgreSQL’s extensibility is not well-known, and it’s difficult to find the extensions that do exist. I’d like to solve that problem. Care to help?

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