PGXN Wish List

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What features do you want to see in PGXN? Feel free to go completely blue sky here. Whatever you can imagine as something that would be great to have for an extension distribution and installation network, add it to this list!

  • Integration with Dim's code
  • PL/ based client to fetch/compile/install an extension
  • md5/sha1/whatever verification
  • signed key verification
  • One-click installer
  • Show license befor installing
  • List everything installed
  • List of dependencies
  • Auto-reporting of installation/testing errors
  • Auto-conversion of docs to HTML and installation into PGDOC/html.
  • Bundles of extensions
  • bundle creation should have an -a option, which simply takes all the extensions which you've installed on the current machine into a file
    1. you work on you dev version
    2. you're ready to deploy
    3. you do "create bundle -a "
    4. that creates a meta.json for all of the extensions installed on your current machine
    5. you copy that to the prod machines, maybe using puppet
    6. you execute it on the prod machines to install any missing pieces
    7. Which brings up the idea of a Puppet/Chef integration
  • Web interface for repo browsing and admin
  • Subscribe to distribution updates email notification (possibly auto-subscribe to any distro installed)
  • Ability to choose alpha/beta extensions for testing
  • List supported PostgreSQL versions per extension
  • Windows binary versions auto-built upon submission