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Smoothed Quadratic Energies on Meshes

ACM Transactions on Graphics 2014 - J. Martinez Esturo, C. Rössl, and H. Theisel

This repository contains a reference implementation of the generic smoothed energy regularizer for quadratic energies on triangular meshes proposed in this paper.

MATLAB Demo Implementation

The energy regularization reference implementation is given in TriSystemSmoothEnergy.m.

As an example application, we provide a demo of interactive 2D deformations the minimize the ARAP, lARAP, and ASAP energies.


Clone the reposityory with git clone --recursive

Run the demo_2d.m file in matlab to start.


A recent Matlab version with object-oriented language features is required. We have tested the code on both Windows and Linux machines with Matlab versions r2012a and r2013a.


We link the sources of the Eigen library (see Eigen) as a submodule to efficiently compute polardecompositions of deformation gradients.

The code makes use of Matlab functions by Alec Jacobson (see gptoolbox) for mesh loading.

All files copyright Janick Martinez Esturo 2014 (MIT License) unless otherwise noted.

Please contact Janick at, before using this code outside of an informal setting, e.g., for comparisons in an academic paper.


Smoothed Quadratic Energies on Meshes - Martinez Esturo et. al - ACM TOG 2014 - Reference Implementation




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