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OCEMR - Open Clinic Electronic Medical Records


OCEMR is a web based electronic medical records system designed for the clinic environment. It is currently in use at The Engeye Health Clinic located in Ddegeya, Uganda. When looking into setting up an EMR for this donation based clinic, all the open-source solutions seemed too heavily feature-laden to work for our situation. So, we built our own!

OCEMR is designed for small clinics in rural parts of the world, this web-based EMR intends to be portable and straightforward to use.

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To the Original Team

I would like to thank Joseph Freeman, PharmD, for originally proposing the idea and pulling me into the loop with the folks at Engeye. Since graduating pharmacy school, he has been traveling to Africa to volunteer his time at different charitable organizations. He has been with the OCEMR project since it's infancy. Together, we have taken the project from a campfire discussion in the summer of 2010 to live production at the turn of 2011.

I would like to thank Carly Gielarowski, for her help and tireless support throughout this process. Her experience using EMR programs in the U.S. consumer health care industry was a guiding resource in the early and middle design stages of the project. She was also responsible for the testing and documentation in the final stages of deployment on-site. She continues to help me as we move the project forward toward our further goals of making the system more robust and applicable to other clinic installations.

I would also like to thank my sister-in-law, Kathy Z. Chang - MD / MPH, for her help in the late stages of design and implementation on the project. Her experience as a family practice physician helped to put the finishing touches on the OCEMR interface design and the Engeye installation.

To the Extended Team

I would also like to thank the following people for their input and help with the further design and testing of the system:

Stephen Po-Chedley, John Kalule, Sarah Yergeau,
Carlos Elguero, and Stephanie Van Dyke.

To the Original Financial Backers

I would like to thank the following people for their generous donations that made it possible for us to cover expenses necessary to accomplish our goal:

Mina Arsula, Nick Bausch, Connie Churchill, Tony Churchill,
Chris Edwards, James and Teresa Freeman, Joe Fuentes,
Robert Gielarowski, John Kim, John and Sue Kirkton,
Adam Kujawski, Kyle O'Brien, Anne Lynch, Maria Ruiz,
Rafael Vincente, George and Shirley Wiesneth,
Justin Winschief and more...