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Trezor-crypto python binding

This is the ctypes and cffi python binding for trezor-crypto used in Monero implementation.

The python module builds trezor-crypto as a shared library. Currently only ctypes is fully supported. CFFI module is built but the python method wrappers are not implemented yet (no the roadmap).

The module automatically generates the bindings from the trezor-crypto header files using ctypeslib2 and pycparser.

Note the forked version of the original trezor-crypto is used in order to support library mode (for now).


  • gcc / clang
  • pkg-config
  • libsodium

In order to use this module please install libsodium.

sudo apt-get install libsodium-dev


pip install py_trezor_crypto_ph4

Dev Requirements:

In order to generate bindings from the trezor-crypto header files the following tools are needed:

  • clang
  • ctypeslib2
  • pycparser
  • / libclang.dylib


  • Code generate CFFI wrappers in the similar manner as ctype wrappers.

Refresh Ctype bindings

In order to refresh method definitions and regenerate ctype wrappers from trezor-crypto header files run

python trezor_crypto/ -a ctypes --debug

Refresh CFFI bindings

In order to refresh data/cffi.h from trezor-crypto header files run:

python trezor_crypto/ -a cffi_h --debug