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leaf User Guide

This document helps you getting started with leaf.

I – Download / install

You have two options to download and install leaf. You can either get the latest stable git branch of the projet, or you can get the latest leaf cabal package. There’s in theory no big differents between those options.

1. by git

Get the latest branch with git clone:

$ git clone git://github.com/skypers/leaf.git

Then cd in the project root directory, and simply install leaf:

$ cd leaf
# cabal install

If you just want to install leaf in your home directory or test it, prefer not to install it the regular way but:

$ cabal install --prefix=$HOME --user

2. by hackagedb

Simply install leaf through cabal:

# cabal update
# cabal install leaf

II - Using leaf

Using leaf is quite simple. Invoking leaf with no arguments prints anything you have to know.

You first have to invoke leaf -i your_name to initiate a directory in which you’ll find two subdirs: leaf and www. The first one is the directory in which you’ll find anything you edit. The second one contains the HTML version of your portfolio.

The first thing you can do is to copy all the stylesheets (CSS) in the www folder. That will let you choose later how your portfolio must be rendered. Here how to do on unix systems:

$ cp /opt/leaf/css/* www

Then, you can start to fulfil the wrapper.leaf file in leaf.

1. wrapper.leaf

That file contains all general information about you. You start with a template file (there are many [ something ]). You just have to replace them with the correct information. For instance, replace Firstname: [ your firstname ] with Firstname: Henry.

For the Items entry, you have to separate each item with comma, and don’t use any space.

For the Style entry, type the name of the stylesheet to use, discarding the extension. Feel free to test and contribute with new themes!

2. Bootstrap your portfolio

Once the wrapper.leaf file is fulfilled, you can bootstrap your portfolio. It will generate for you the files you have to put your content inside:

$ leaf -b

Edit all the .leafc files. It’s full markdown syntax. When you’re done, you can generate the HTML version of your portfolio.

3. HTML generation

To generate the HTML version of your portfolio:

$ leaf -g

That will _always_ update the HTML files in www. If you have local changes in the www, you may want to backup them before running that command.