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A list of pipeline plugins available for IRIDA
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IRIDA Pipeline Plugins

This repository contains a list of pipelines in IRIDA available as plugins.


To install each of these plugins, please download the appopriate JAR file from the Release link and copy to the directory /etc/irida/plugins/ on a machine running IRIDA. Then, re-start IRIDA and you should see the pipeline appear in your list of pipelines.

Please see the IRIDA Pipeline Plugin documentation for more details.


Name Repository Description Release
Example Plugin An Example plugin to be used as a template for developing IRIDA pipeline plugins. GitHub release
AMR Detection A pipeline for the detection of antimicrobial resistance genes in bacterial isolates. GitHub release


To develop a new plugin, please refer to the IRIDA Pipeline Plugin documentation in IRIDA and the IRIDA Example Plugin or existing plugins listed above.


We welcome the contribution of any pipelines you have developed for IRIDA. If you wish to include this pipeline in the list, please submit a Pull Request to this repository which adds a new entry to the table in the Plugins section. This will be in the format of:


The [RELEASE] could be a direct link to your GitHub releases page (e.g.,, a link to the appropriate JAR file, or if you wish to make use of a badge for your release/repository, you can refer to


Text in this repository is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. Licenses for each IRIDA plugin are specific to each plugin and should be available from the respective code repositories.

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