Command line interface for Phabricator
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Latest commit 9e82ef9 Aug 25, 2016 Josh Cox Added a warning prompt if the user tries to use an API cert instead o…
…f a CLI cert

Summary: Fixes T9692. Instead of disallowing API tokens entirely, we're going to just warn the user that they might not want to do that. After that, they can proceed if they want to.

Test Plan:
Run arc install-certificate.
Manually go to `Settings → Conduit API Tokens` in the web UI.
Generate an API token explicitly, which should have the form api-******.
Paste that into the prompt on the CLI.
It will give you a warning prompt then ask if you'd like to proceed anyway (defaults to No).

Reviewers: epriestley, #blessed_reviewers

Reviewed By: epriestley, #blessed_reviewers

Subscribers: Korvin, epriestley

Maniphest Tasks: T9692

Differential Revision:

Arcanist is the command-line tool for Phabricator. It allows you to interact with Phabricator installs to send code for review, download patches, transfer files, view status, make API calls, and various other things. You can read more in the User Guide

For more information about Phabricator, see


Arcanist is released under the Apache 2.0 license except as otherwise noted.