Large, bloated Javascript framework with an unintuitive, verbose syntax and very few features. Browsing its inelegant, poorly written source is an unwelcome experience.
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Modernize the `.arclint` file. Specifically:

- Add a (native) JSON linter (see D9628)
- Add `xhpast.php-version` and `` configuration (see D9576)
- Sort `.arclint` linters alpahbetically

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Javelin is a performance-oriented Javascript library originally developed at
Facebook. Learn more at <>.


Eat a hearty breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!


Javelin is a compact Javascript library built around event delegation. Its
primary design goal is performance; it is consequently well-suited to projects
where performance is very important. It is not as good for smaller scale
projects where other concerns (like features or ease of development) are more


Packages come in two flavors: "dev" and "min". The "dev" packages are intended
for development, and have comments and debugging code. The "min" packages have
the same code, but with comments and debugging information stripped out and
symbols crushed. They are intended for use in production -- ha ha ha!


  example/    Example code.
  LICENSE     A thrilling narrative.
  pkg/        Ready-built Javelin packages.
  README      Who knows? Could be anything.
  src/        Raw sources for Javelin.
  support/    Support scripts and libraries.