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#!/usr/bin/env php
require_once dirname(__FILE__).'/__init_script__.php';
require_once 'sync-spec.php';
if ($argc != 2) {
echo "usage: sync-to-facebook <php_root>\n";
phutil_require_module('phutil', 'filesystem');
phutil_require_module('phutil', 'future/exec');
$files = JavelinSyncSpec::getFilesToSync();
$root = Filesystem::resolvePath($argv[1]).'/html/js/javelin/';
$local = dirname(dirname(__FILE__)).'/src/';
$data = array();
foreach ($files as $file) {
echo "Reading {$file}...\n";
$data[$file] = Filesystem::readFile($local.$file);
foreach ($data as $file => $content) {
echo "Writing {$file}...\n";
execx('mkdir -p %s', $root.dirname($file));
Filesystem::writeFile($root.$file, $content);
echo "Done.\n";
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