Allow Vector setPos to position elements by 'right' and 'bottom' too. #22

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lifeinafolder and others added some commits Jun 15, 2012
@lifeinafolder lifeinafolder Allow JX.Vector.setPos to position elements by 'right' & 'bottom' a37fde0
Dave Alongi Typeahead control stops responding after item tapped - Mobile Safari
Mobile Safari has a strange bug. When the Typeahead control is rendered
within an iframe, once one of the typeahead items is tapped, the input
box stops accepting keypresses. (New characters, as well as keys like
backspace, are ignored). This also affects the Tokenizer control, in
that once one token is chosen, the user cannot type additional tokens.

This seems to be caused by calling e.prevent() within the Mousedown
event of the typeahead items, though it's unclear why. Removing that
line doesn't seem to cause any negative effects - the items lose focus
and are hidden as part of the mousedown.

I also included a fix for a 2nd bug that blocked testing this fix:
the placeholder code currently clears the typeahead contents when it
loses focus, which can result in the loss of user input.

Test Plan:
 1. View typeahead control, rendered within an iframe, on mobile safari.
 2. Begin typing, and tap one of the suggestions.

Reviewers: yungsters, jg, epriestley

Reviewed By: epriestley

CC: phunt, aran, Korvin

Differential Revision:
Rajat Mittal Optimizing JX.Keys with native Object.Keys if available a2f9ca3
Ying-Yi Liang Add CORS support and non-JSON response support to JX.Request
- supports XHR w/ withCredentials and XDomainRequest as transport
- added a flag 'CORS' to toggle this

non-JSON response
- added a property responseType to allow 'JSON', 'TEXT' and 'XML' as the response type
- added a responseHandler property to handle response of non-JSON format

Test Plan:
1. rebuild packages;
2. go to sandbox page that loads javelin;
3. test request in chrome javascript console:

  window['call_result'] = '';
  var req = new JX.Request('').setCORS(true).setMethod('GET').setExpectCSRFGuard(false).setResponseType('XML').setResponseHandler(function(resp){window.call_result = resp;});

4. verified the request was sucessful and the result is expected.

Reviewers: jeffmo, vrana, epriestley, aran, leebyron, erling

Reviewed By: epriestley

CC: Korvin

Differential Revision:
@lifeinafolder lifeinafolder Allow a callback function to be notified once an
animation is completed.
@lifeinafolder lifeinafolder Allow custom 'duration' of JX.fade d7ab959

Oops, my bad. Wrong pull request.

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