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A collection of PHP utility classes
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Add syntax highlighting for the "Robot Framework" language

Summary: Adds syntax highlighting for the [[ | Robot Framework]] via `pygmentize`.

Test Plan:
> pygmentize -L | grep robot
* robotframework:
    RobotFramework (filenames *.txt, *.robot)

Reviewers: #blessed_reviewers, epriestley

Reviewed By: #blessed_reviewers, epriestley

Subscribers: Korvin, epriestley

Differential Revision:
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Joshua Spence joshuaspence authored



`libphutil` is a collection of utility classes and functions for PHP. Some
features of the library include:

== libphutil Library System ==
A system for organizing, loading and introspecting PHP classes and functions.
Uses static analysis to generate, validate and update library contents and
includes. Based on Facebook's similar `flib` system.

== Futures ==
Futures (also known as "promises") are objects which act as placeholders for
some future result of computation. They let you express parallel and
asynchronous execution with a natural syntax. There are three provided
concrete `Future` implementations: `ExecFuture` for executing system commands,
`HTTPFuture` for making HTTP requests, and `QueryFuture` for executing database

== Filesystem ==
The builtin PHP filesystem functions return error codes and emit warnings. It is
tedious to check these consistently. The `Filesystem` class provides a simple
API for common filesystem operations that throws exceptions on failure.

== xsprintf ==
This module allows you to build `sprintf()`-style functions that have arbitrary
conversions. This is particularly useful for escaping data correctly. Three
concrete implementations are provided:

  - `csprintf()`: safely escape data for system commands
  - `jsprintf()`: safely escape data for Javascript
  - `qsprintf()`: safely escape data for MySQL

An abstract, abstract syntax tree which can make it easier to perform simple
static analysis, and a concrete AST for PHP.

== Remarkup ==
A Markdown-like lightweight markup language. Remarkup's syntax is defined by
parser plugins and fairly easy to extend and configure.

== Daemons ==
Enables running PHP scripts as stable, long-lived daemons.

== Utilities ==
A handful of solid utility functions.

`libphutil` is used by
[[ | Phabricator]],
[[ | Arcanist]] and Diviner.

`libphutil` is released under the Apache 2.0 license except as otherwise noted.
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