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function phabricator_read_config_file($original_config) {
$root = dirname(dirname(__FILE__));
// Accept either "myconfig" (preferred) or "myconfig.conf.php".
$config = preg_replace('/\.conf\.php$/', '', $original_config);
$full_config_path = $root.'/conf/'.$config.'.conf.php';
if (!Filesystem::pathExists($full_config_path)) {
// These are very old configuration files which we used to ship with
// by default. File based configuration was de-emphasized once web-based
// configuration was built. The actual files were removed to reduce
// user confusion over how to configure Phabricator.
switch ($config) {
case 'default':
case 'production':
return array();
case 'development':
return array(
'phabricator.developer-mode' => true,
'darkconsole.enabled' => true,
'celerity.minify' => false,
$files = id(new FileFinder($root.'/conf/'))
foreach ($files as $key => $file) {
$file = trim($file, './');
$files[$key] = preg_replace('/\.conf\.php$/', '', $file);
$files = ' '.implode("\n ", $files);
throw new Exception(
"Config file '%s' does not exist. Valid config files are:\n\n%s",
// Make sure config file errors are reported.
$old_error_level = error_reporting(E_ALL | E_STRICT);
$old_display_errors = ini_get('display_errors');
ini_set('display_errors', 1);
$conf = include $full_config_path;
$errors = ob_get_clean();
ini_set('display_errors', $old_display_errors);
if ($conf === false) {
throw new Exception(
"Failed to read config file '%s': %s",
return $conf;