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Document that ext/mysqli may be used instead of ext/mysql

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@@ -32,7 +32,8 @@ If you are installing on Ubuntu or an RedHat derivative, there are install
scripts available which should handle most of the things discussed in this
document for you:
- - **RedHat Derivatives**: <>
+ - **RedHat Derivatives**:
+ <>
- **Ubuntu**: <>
If those work for you, you can skip directly to the
@@ -45,8 +46,8 @@ Otherwise, here's a general description of what you need to install:
- Apache (usually "httpd" or "apache2") (or nginx)
- MySQL Server (usually "mysqld" or "mysql-server")
- PHP (usually "php")
- - Required PHP extensions: mbstring, iconv, mysql, curl, pcntl (these might be
- something like "php-mysql" or "php5-mysql")
+ - Required PHP extensions: mbstring, iconv, mysql (or mysqli), curl, pcntl
+ (these might be something like "php-mysql" or "php5-mysql")
- Optional PHP extensions: gd, apc (special instructions for APC are available
below if you have difficulty installing it), xhprof (instructions below,
you only need this if you are developing Phabricator)

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