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Update Herald documentation.

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commit d33670c416c90033f4f9a4b2e19ce56778d42efd 1 parent 7bdb135
@epriestley epriestley authored
5 .divinerconfig
@@ -11,10 +11,13 @@
"differential" : "Differential (Code Review)",
"diffusion" : "Diffusion (Repository Browser)",
"maniphest" : "Maniphest (Task Tracking)",
+ "herald" : "Herald (Notifications)",
"celerity" : "Celerity (CSS/JS Management)",
"aphront" : "Aphront (Web Stack)",
"console" : "DarkConsole (Debugging Console)",
- "storage" : "Storage"
+ "storage" : "Storage",
+ "irc" : "IRC",
+ "markup" : "Remarkup Extensions"
"engines" : [
["DivinerArticleEngine", {}],
6 src/applications/herald/controller/base/HeraldController.php
@@ -27,6 +27,8 @@ public function buildStandardPageResponse($view, array $data) {
+ $doclink = PhabricatorEnv::getDoclink('article/Herald_User_Guide.html');
'rules' => array(
@@ -41,6 +43,10 @@ public function buildStandardPageResponse($view, array $data) {
'href' => '/herald/transcript/',
'name' => 'Transcripts',
+ 'help' => array(
+ 'href' => $doclink,
+ 'name' => 'Help',
+ ),
idx($data, 'tab'));
62 src/docs/userguide/herald.diviner
@@ -0,0 +1,62 @@
+@title Herald User Guide
+@group userguide
+Use Herald to get notified of changes you care about.
+= Overview =
+Herald allows you to write processing rules that take effect when objects are
+created or updated. For instance, you might want to get notified every time
+someone sends out a revision that affects some file you're interested in, even
+if they didn't add you as a reviewer.
+Herald is less useful for small organizations (where everyone will generally
+know most of what's going on) but the usefulness of the application increases
+as an organization scales. Once there is too much activity to keep track of it
+all, Herald allows you to filter it down so you're only notified of things you
+are interested in.
+= Rules, Conditions and Actions =
+The best way to think of Herald is as a system similar to the mail rules you can
+set up in most email clients, to organize mail based on "To", "Subject", etc.
+Herald works very similarly, but operates on Phabricator objects (like revisions
+and commits) instead of emails.
+Every time an object is created or updated, Herald rules are run on it and
+the actions for any matching rules are taken.
+To create a new Herald rule, choose which type of event you want to act on
+(e.g., changes to Differential Revisions, or Commits), and then set a list of
+conditions. For example, you might add the condition ##Author is alincoln
+(Abraham Lincoln)## to keep track of everything alincoln does. Finally, set
+a list of actions to take when the conditions match, like adding yourself to the
+CC list.
+Now you'll automatically be added to CC any time alincoln creates a revision,
+and can keep an eye on what he's up to.
+= Testing Rules =
+When you've created a rule, use the "Test Console" to test it out. Enter a
+revision or commit and Herald will do a dry run against that object, showing
+you which rules //would// match had it actually been updated. Dry runs executed
+via the test console don't take any actions.
+= Advanced Herald =
+A few features in Herald are particularly complicated:
+ - **matches regexp pair**: for Differential revisions, you can set a condition
+ like "Any changed file content matches regexp pair...". This allows you to
+ specify two regexes in JSON format. The first will be used to match the
+ filename of the changed file; the second will be used to match the content.
+ For example, if you want to match revisions which add or remove calls to
+ a "muffinize" function, //but only in JS files//, you can set the value
+ to ##["/\.js$/", "/muffinize/"]## or similar.
+ - **Another Herald rule**: you can create Herald rules which depend on other
+ rules. This can be useful if you need to express a more complicated predicate
+ than "all" vs "any" allows, or have a common set of conditions which you want
+ to share between several rules. If a rule is only being used as a group of
+ conditions, you can set the action to "Do Nothing".
2  src/infrastructure/daemon/workers/worker/goodfornothing/PhabricatorGoodForNothingWorker.php
@@ -18,8 +18,6 @@
* Trivial example worker; processes tasks which require no work very slowly.
- *
- * @group worker
class PhabricatorGoodForNothingWorker extends PhabricatorWorker {
protected function doWork() {
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