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Update Chatlog for handleRequest

Summary: Updates Chatlog

Test Plan: Use Chatlog

Reviewers: epriestley

Reviewed By: epriestley

Subscribers: epriestley, Korvin

Differential Revision:
latest commit deb20d6dae
@chadlittle chadlittle authored
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almanac Fix issue with almanac service type map keying
aphlict Return `$this` from setter methods
arcanist/conduit Remove remaining arcanist project code
audit [Redesign] Misc batch of UI buggypoos
auth Use PhutilClassMapQuery
badges Allow Tokens on Badge
base Use PhutilClassMapQuery
cache Extend from Phobject
calendar Clear "X awarded a token to event Y" stories when visiting event page
celerity Update login icons
chatlog Update Chatlog for handleRequest
conduit Merge branch 'master' into redesign-2015
config Update Config app for handleRequest
conpherence Don't reset message if missing Room Title in New Conpherence Room
console Truncate large strings in DarkConsole
countdown Add basic countdown timer to object list
daemon Merge branch 'master' into redesign-2015
dashboard Add ability to archive a Dashboard
differential Correctly clear draft markers when deleting an inline comment
diffusion Correctly clear draft markers when deleting an inline comment
diviner Return `$this` from setter methods
doorkeeper Extend from Phobject
draft/storage Fix visiblity of `LiskDAO::getConfiguration()`
drydock Update Drydock for handleRequest
fact Update Facts for handleRequest
feed Update Feed for handleRequest
files Allow upload of arbitrary text files
flag Update Flag for handleRequest
fund Update Fund for handleProcess
harbormaster Use PhutilClassMapQuery
help Use `__CLASS__` instead of hard-coding class names
herald Remove View Log action from Herald List
home [Redesign] Lots of minor color changes
legalpad Update Legalpad for handleRequest
lipsum Extend from Phobject
macro Convert Macro to handleRequest
mailinglists/storage Put PhabricatorMetaMTAMailingList back to keep bin/storage adjust hap…
maniphest Add Priority to Maniphest Hovercard
meta Uninstalling an application, as a non-admin, should give the same mod…
metamta Group and order Herald fields
multimeter Merge branch 'master' into redesign-2015
notification Merge branch 'master' into redesign-2015
nuance Update Nuance for handleRequest
oauthserver [Redesign] PhabricatorApplicationSearchResultView
owners Move some PhabricatorSearchField subclasses
passphrase Convert Passhrase to handleRequest
paste Fix bin/lipsum
people Fix public/private profile edit note
phame Clean up Phame a little
phid Use PhutilClassMapQuery
phlux Transactions - make implementing TYPE_XXXX_POLICY transactions optional
pholio Add toolip to Mock History in Pholio
phortune Use PhutilClassMapQuery
phpast Allow XHPAST to be viewed public
phragment Mark some strings for translation
phrequent [Redesign] PhabricatorApplicationSearchResultView
phriction Update Phriction for handleRequest
phurl Fix missing mailtags in PHUrl
policy Use PhutilClassMapQuery
ponder Update Ponder for handleRequest
project Group and order Herald fields
releeph Update Releeph Branch for handleProcess
remarkup/conduit phtize all the things
repository Add `repository list-paths` and `repository move-paths`
search Fix some Releeph jankiness in interacting with the redesign
settings Merge branch 'master' into redesign-2015
slowvote Update Slowvote for handleRequest
spaces Group and order Herald fields
subscriptions Group and order Herald fields
support/application Implement the `getName` method in `PhabricatorApplication` subclasses
system Extend from Phobject
tokens Badges v0.1
transactions Show badges on timelines
typeahead Merge branch 'master' into redesign-2015
uiexample Badges v0.1
xhprof Allow XHProf to be publicly viewable
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